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20 Days of WoW Blogging: Things You Miss Post Cataclysm & Your Favorite Spot

Days 16 and 17 I’m going to combine because I’ve been slacking on this and because I’ve got the same answer for both prompts. Both the thing and place I miss the most post-Cataclysm is Dalaran and it just so happens to be the spot I love the most.

In BC, I never really hung around in Shattrath, mostly because it literally at the computer I had at the time to shreds so Dalaran was my first taste at hanging around in a neutral city. I remember questing in Hillsbrad and seeing this huge hole in the ground with a glowing purple dome over it and thinking about how pretty it was. I’d run to the dome over and over again hoping that some silly glitch would let me into it to explore it. Of course, now its just a hole in the ground because the city of Dalaran got catapulted into the air during Wrath.

Dalaran to me was everything. I spent countless hours on the stairs waiting for groups to form, inspecting other toons, doing dailies and waiting for friends to log on. The architecture and colors still take my breath away and there are a number of little nooks and benches to hide away in. Plus there is cake there. Cake! And fruit if you’re all into health food in MMOs too. During in-game holidays there wasn’t a huge struggle to find that obscure racial and class combination. To find it? Sit in Dalaran. Need to port to another major city? Dalaran could do that for you too. Argent tournament grounds? Run to the flight path and hang a left. Post-shattering, it seems like everyone is so spread out and I find it very boring and uneventful.

My favorite spot in game is there as well. There is a little apartment with a balcony upstairs from the bar that I spent the majority of my Wrath days in. I remember after killing the Lich King for the first time some guildies and I grabbed all the cake, booze and firecrackers that we could and sat on the balcony getting WoW-wasted and shooting off rockets. Much of my days were spent sitting in that apartment and waiting out dps ques, groups to form or searching for the books to complete the quests to get the Kirin Tor Familiar, which I’m still not done with.

Outside of WoW my favorite place is a little area in La Jolla not too far from my Chiropractor’s office. Its also not too far from where they shot the latest Real World installment here in San Diego. A lot of the beachy type places here aren’t the place to go if you want some serenity and quiet time. This area isn’t very secluded but its on a pretty steep street that most people are too lazy to walk down. Once a week I’ll go here to just sit, ground myself and enjoy the sound of the waves before heading home or back into work.

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20 Days of WoW Blogging: Your Desktop Background

The goal is to be done with the challenge this week so I won’t be littering your readers and Twitter feeds in 5 days. Plus, I’ll have other topics to blog about! Fingers crossed.

Day 15 is simple. My desktop situation on the other hand, changes almost weekly because I like to keep things fresh. Leave it to me to make something as simple as a desktop image really complicated 🙂 At any rate, I get the majority of my images from Desktop Nexus. The variety there is pretty large plus its a really great community to be a part of.

This is my current image and I chose it obviously for my love of graffiti art but also it reminds me of playing old Nintendo games with my brother when we were little ones. Simpler and less complicated times.


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20 Days of WoW Blogging: This Upsets You

There isn’t much that really upsets me. I get more annoyed than upset these days but I’m sure most people who I associate with know that dealing with me while annoyed isn’t very fun. Plus, I usually go insta-introvert and get really quiet and agitated when I’m annoyed so it’s probably pretty obvious.

What really boils my ass is the whole cyber-bullying, internet tough guy crap. I’m sorry, but if you’re that big of a poon and have to hide behind your computer to spurt insults just because, you’ve got issues. It happens in Warcraft every day and even with the thick skin that I’ve inherited through being bullied as a child, it gets old. There’s nothing more revealing about a person’s principles and self-esteem than how you act in an anonymous realm and some of the people I’ve seen in Warcraft are pretty freaking ugly and lacking.

That’s one of the reasons why I try to stay pretty invisible outside of my guild which is pretty easy these days with LFR, LFD and running server pugs. If I do catch myself in a pug situation, I usually stay pretty quiet and pray that any guildies that are with me don’t reveal that I’m African American, black, NOT WHITE. The first response if/when they find out is, “ZOMG, YOU DON’T SOUND BLACK!!!” To which I have to wonder, what the fuck does a black person sound like? Then of course, it becomes socially acceptable to tell racial jokes which don’t necessarily bother me but is it necessary?

Outside of me, I recall an End Time heroic I was in. There was a healer, tank and a mage all from the same guild, a Death Knight and of course me. The DK moved really.. weird, for lack of better words and I assumed he was having some sort of equipment malfunction or was taking breaks here and there to talk in g-chat. His dps was rather low but that’s not really new and you could tell something wasn’t quite right there. At this point, I’m more annoyed with the three guildmate’s behavior than this kids dps. We get to Echo of Tyrande, oh you know.. the fight where if you’re ranged you spread out? They literally stand on TOP of the Death Knight trying to kill him. Meanwhile he is just dpsing away and interrupting his little head off. Once again, insults fly because his dps was low. We get to the last boss do our thing and the mage is going OFF on the DK when the DK finally says something to the effect of, “Hey, you know what? I’m pretty much handicapped and don’t have full function of my hands and I came back to the game to check out the new heroics to see if they were any good. I’m sorry for being such a burden to you” and leaves. I was floored.

But I’m babbling. All of this also branches out to sexuality, gender, etc. Why can’t we just accept the person behind the avatar as who they are in-game? We’re all inside the game for a common goal, correct? Does it really matter if the person behind the avatar is gay, straight, black, white, skinny or fat? No! So stop being ignorant and kill something because more than 90% of you hate spouting nerds wouldn’t say half the shit you do in real life and if you did, you’d get your ass beat.

Life is too short for the bullshit.

Be excellent to each other.

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