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Transmoggin’ fo’ life!

I rarely show my helm in-game unless its a pretty sweet ass piece of dome coverage. I’ve also had probably the worst luck with helm token drops for Fayona so the other day I finally broke down and purchased Hood of Hidden Flesh. I made the mistake of showing my helm and realized something though!

No. Just, no. Doesn’t do anything for Fayshion and looks like Howard the freakin’ Duck. NO! This is wrong and terribly bad. I broke out in a cold sweat. Something needed to be done. I ran to twitter and had an A-HAH moment thanks to Euphyley. Pink goggles. I dug up my pair of Junior Technician 3rd Grade Goggles and restored my Fayshion chi. Lookin’ bangin’ in them rose-colored stunna shades.


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Fay’s Weekly Fayvorites

Last week was a rough week emotionally and physically. Last Monday, I worked out and tweeked my hip a little and decided to take the rest of the week off. I tried to do some light stuff and still, just not right. When I don’t do some sort of physical activity I can get pretty grumpy and under the weather, but combine that with family stress and it gets double funky.

At any rate, this week was about cheering myself up emotionally and physically and for me that often equates to small amounts of online retail therapy and youtube clips.

I was feeling incredibly munchy on day 1 of all of this so I went to a goodie website that one of my clients mentioned in passing when I’d mentioned that I need a one stop shop to make some personalized trail mix. She’d mentioned and I’d cringed at the prospect of large amounts of pr0nz and laughed at the name. But I went, I saw and I ordered way too many goodies. They’ve got quite a variety of goods and if you’re wanting to try a little somethin’ without totally committing to a pound of it there are samples as well. Pro-tip: the Cinnamon-sugar bagel chips are pretty awesome and the Berry Mix is too. NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM!

Day 2 was a day to just mope and be dorky so I pulled up Youtube and browsed around for some clips. I know Lady Gaga isn’t for everyone and she’s a Madonna knock off, a part of the Illuminati, blabhlabhlbahlbalbahIDONTCAREblah, but her song “Marry the Night” has always cheered me up. Here, enjoy her performance from The Grammy Nomination concert from last year. I also browsed my reader for blogs that interest me and found a humorous and mage-ucational post from @applecidermage in regards to the appropriate use of Time Warp.

Lastly, I’m a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl and while browsing around for some new nerdy threads I found a website called Sevenly. The basic premise of the company is selling t-shirts and hoodies to benefit a charity. Each week there is a new cause so you can pick and choose where your dollars are going and the designs I’ve seen posted look really awesome. Please note that not all of the money goes back to the charity, 7 dollars from each t-shirt sale but you can read about their mission here.

As for this week we’ve got just one in game holiday to focus on and I’m farming my third Swift Lovebird in an attempt to flip it in a few months. I’m a glutton for punishment.

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These are this week’s Fayvorite things…

Sundays are usually the day of rest and relaxation, football (go Pats) and prepping for the week ahead. Well, add another one to your list as Sundays I’ll be doing my weekly round up and giving you little nuggets to explore. I’m planning on eventually doing this in Podcast form but until I figure out all the bells and whistles, text will have to suffice!

This week’s implementation of patch 4.3.2 brought with it mage nerfs, a 64-bit client and something we’ve all been anticipating, cross-realm raiding. Warcrafters all across Twitter and Azeroth made plans to take full advantage of this by pre-forming raid groups to throw down on their favorite raid bosses old and new. A few Twitter folks that I follow have come up with incredible tools for both the planning and social aspect of this new feature.

@_Reliq_created LFraid, a virtual hub for like minded raiders, friends and guilds to find cross-realm raiding buddies.

@vitaemachina has gifted the project of Sleepy Hams, a public mumble server. I personally haven’t been in it myself because the house has been Crazyville, but from what I’ve seen on Twitter its the place to be. Just please keep in mind you’re sharing space with people from various backgrounds. Read the rules, take your jerkface off and come have a good time!

For all you money-makers out there Jim aka Flux, the man behind Power Word: Gold has a new e-book stuffed with 100 pages of gold making shiny. And for those of you not really into reading, there are pictures too! It covers contains pro-tips in regards to addons, professions, etc and can be purchased on the honor system. You can steal it for free, sure! But I’d honestly hope you’d throw at least a dollar into the pot after discovering how much value it contains. Take your buns over to the Power Word: Store and give it a look-see.

As for my own personal and non-Warcraft demons I’ve found the most amazing art pens. I’m not an artist by any means but I do enjoy decorating cards and throwing my special touch on gifts here and there. I’m always in search of the perfect metallic and non-Sharpie pens and I’ve found it. Doing a weekly scouring of Jetpens, I foundthe Pental Slicci in Gold. I bought the gold, silver and pink to fiddle around with and so far they’re not too bad, I just wish they were a little cheaper.

On the same gift-giving token the dreaded Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. I personally don’t celebrate the “holiday” for various reasons most of which are stated on Occupy Vday’s tumblr stream that I found via @Zaralynda. Most of the posts there pretty much sum up my feelings in regards to it.

Also, don’t forget that this week we’ve got triple events going down in Azeroth. Lunar is on it’s last week, Darkmoon faire just rolled into town and Love is in the Air is here and with a new mount! Cymre over at Bubbles of Michief has put together a great lil’ guide to gather ‘dem cheevos, pets and title.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a Love Rocket to get, turtles to throw rings at and a Super Bowl to watch! If you all have anything awesome you’ve seen across the web or Warcraft please share. uhlissuh AT gmail DAWT com or via Twitter @HayFayFay.

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