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Happy Faylentine’s Day

Why Faylentine’s Day? Because today is going to be about me. I don’t talk about my feelings much mostly because I’m scared of being viewed as weak or being judged. But whatever, I really don’t give a shit because this needs to be done. Holding onto all of this resentment is incredibly unhealthy and blocking a lot of good from coming into my life. I’ve known this for a long time but it’s time for me to finally accept it

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OoC: Why I Quit My (second) Job.

Out of Character is a common role playing (RP) term used when a player is just that, out of character.  And while I’d love to be a troll that does have the awesome ability to throw fireballs at the opposition, that ain’t all that I’m about.   These blogs will be based on life outside of Azeroth and beyond the glowing pixels and conjured mana cakes.  

I did it.

I finally did it.

I quit my retail job.

I’d been debating doing it for quite sometime now, but I don’t know if it was just the holidays getting to me or that I finally decided to put my foot down and be done.

Quick background.  Girl graduates college, girl moves home, girl gets an entry level retail job selling primarily denim in a retail environment.  Girl loves said job and quickly becomes Assistant Manager of her store.  Girl gets a Personal Training gig and decides to move on because with a commute and odd hours it wouldn’t be feasible to do.   About 5 years later girl returns to retail job as an entry level sales person and the company is a teeny bit different as far as what they call “selling culture” is concerned but girl still loves job and the people she works with.

Unfortunately and fortunately, thanks to betrayal from past friends and lovers, I know when a relationship is going to be a not-so-good one.  Things were getting completely out of control as far as how I was being treated in regards to keeping me in the loop as far as scheduling goes.  I was also getting shifts were I was mostly put in charge of recovering the store (ie: cleaning) which I do enjoy a lot but on the same coin being told that my sales were struggling at times as a result of that.  I’d requested to be scheduled for busier times of the day to counterbalance that and my requests are thrown to the wayside.  I’d sat with our District Manager and my Manager in a meeting to get things out in the open as far as how I was feeling, and apparently that got thrown to the wayside as well.  I mean, I’m literally running myself ragged to make a few dollars on the side when my gym job is a little slow and getting on average 4-5 hours of sleep a night in doing so.

I’ll preface the next paragraph with this, I do and did enjoy what I was doing.  And I was and still am, very thankful that in the struggling Southern California job market that I had another job to afford me buying random crap and the occasional latte.  But this was something that went on for over a year and actually began to cost me money in gas and lost hours at gym job.  Plus, when I wasn’t a happy camper.  Not.  One.  Bit.

It all came to a head when what would turn out to be my final shift, I’d taken a peek at the calender almost by accident.   A later shift of mine had mysteriously disappeared on it and anyone that knows me will tell you that when it comes to scheduling my life, I’m on top of it.  I know where I’ve got to be and when like the back of my hand, so someone had apparently changed the schedule.  Again.  And not informed me.  Again.  And had I not  looked at the schedule I’d have showed up after battling holiday traffic and the crazies in the parking garages for nothing.  Again.  I don’t get how in this day and age with texting, emailing, smoke signals and the good ‘ole fashion seven digit method you can’t get in touch with someone to inform them that scheduling has been changed.   Again.  This was a common occurrence, along with other neglect and overall treating associates like they should strictly be focused on SELL, SELL, SELL, SELL, SELL rather than living and breathing human beings at retail job and I’m sorry, that is unacceptable.  There should be and there has to be a balance between the two and honestly it ain’t that darn difficult to do!

So I did it.  I was done.

Now where do I go from here?

Well, now I have free time to explore what I’m really passionate about again, Community Management.  It is my ultimate goal for 2012 and a field that I’m really gnawing at the bit to get into.   Pre-all of this, I’d been networking a tiny bit with folks on Twitter and on Warcraft blogs and now I’ll further delve into it so that I can make it happen and hopefully very soon.  Its a field that I’m very confident that I’ve got the basic skill-set for  I’ve just got to get out there more and acquire some of the deeper “stuff” for.   So if any of you out there in the internets are reading this and know anyone looking for a fledgling CM, please drop my name in passing.  I’d love the opportunity and I’ve got afternoons free!

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Patch 4.3: Its been 7 days.

Its been a long time and I wish I could say I was off doing cool stuff but honestly I’ve just been marvelling in patch 4.3 for the last week.

I must say in this patch there is a lot to do, see and explore. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a seasoned WoW vet or a total noob just dipping your feet into Azeroth’s murky waters. And honestly, I must say overall I’m a lot more impressed than I thought I’d be.

What I like:

  • The Darkmoon Faire : The DM Faire is no longer just a place to run and turn in cards you’ve crafted via Inscription to fatten your bank with gold.  It’s an actual faire where you can play games, enjoy world PvP and eat fattening carnie food.  As a pet and mount collector its going to be the place that I now look forward to running off to once a month to collect tickets for new mounts and pets
  • The new 5 mans : Not too difficult, not too easy.  I haven’t really paid much attention to the lore of it all, as that aspect is a bit lost on me at times, but they’re actually a lot more fun than the pre-4.3 heroics and a helluvalot easier than ZA/ZG.
  • LFR : When I first heard that we’d be able to do cross realm raiding, I cringed.  Having to deal with knuckleheads in cross realm battlegrounds and heroics was more than enough.  But after running LFR on both my Mage and Paladin, its not that bad at all.  Granted the knuckleheads are still there being… well knuckleheads, but for me they are a basic how-to on what to expect if and when I start raiding with my guild again.
  • Transmog : Uh-maze-balls. And for two reasons.  It gave me an opportunity to go into raids and dungeons that pretty much get no play now that there is new content out in search of the perfect outfits and weapons for my toons.  And I must admit its pretty awesome sitting in Orgrimmar and seeing the creative outfits that players have come up with.

What I don’t like can be summed up pretty easily.  My guild, I love my guild, but we’re a casual guild.  We raid Friday and Saturday evenings for 8 hours total.  In the WoW world, thats pretty much nothing in compared to more hardcore and even other casual guilds out there.  But back to the point.  They full cleared Dragon Soul last weekend and from what it sounds like other than the last fight it wasn’t incredibly difficult.  Granted most of my guildies  took a dive into LFR to get the hang of it and grab some gear for their alts but I also have a few friends that are in hard core guilds that full cleared quite easily.  It makes me wonder, is 4.3s raid content a little too easy?  Will people get bored and fade away until the next major content patch?   I really hope that isn’t the case.  But if it is they can find me once a month chillin’ on Darkmoon Island fishing up my Sea Pony.

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