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Patch 4.3: Its been 7 days.

Its been a long time and I wish I could say I was off doing cool stuff but honestly I’ve just been marvelling in patch 4.3 for the last week.

I must say in this patch there is a lot to do, see and explore. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a seasoned WoW vet or a total noob just dipping your feet into Azeroth’s murky waters. And honestly, I must say overall I’m a lot more impressed than I thought I’d be.

What I like:

  • The Darkmoon Faire : The DM Faire is no longer just a place to run and turn in cards you’ve crafted via Inscription to fatten your bank with gold.  It’s an actual faire where you can play games, enjoy world PvP and eat fattening carnie food.  As a pet and mount collector its going to be the place that I now look forward to running off to once a month to collect tickets for new mounts and pets
  • The new 5 mans : Not too difficult, not too easy.  I haven’t really paid much attention to the lore of it all, as that aspect is a bit lost on me at times, but they’re actually a lot more fun than the pre-4.3 heroics and a helluvalot easier than ZA/ZG.
  • LFR : When I first heard that we’d be able to do cross realm raiding, I cringed.  Having to deal with knuckleheads in cross realm battlegrounds and heroics was more than enough.  But after running LFR on both my Mage and Paladin, its not that bad at all.  Granted the knuckleheads are still there being… well knuckleheads, but for me they are a basic how-to on what to expect if and when I start raiding with my guild again.
  • Transmog : Uh-maze-balls. And for two reasons.  It gave me an opportunity to go into raids and dungeons that pretty much get no play now that there is new content out in search of the perfect outfits and weapons for my toons.  And I must admit its pretty awesome sitting in Orgrimmar and seeing the creative outfits that players have come up with.

What I don’t like can be summed up pretty easily.  My guild, I love my guild, but we’re a casual guild.  We raid Friday and Saturday evenings for 8 hours total.  In the WoW world, thats pretty much nothing in compared to more hardcore and even other casual guilds out there.  But back to the point.  They full cleared Dragon Soul last weekend and from what it sounds like other than the last fight it wasn’t incredibly difficult.  Granted most of my guildies  took a dive into LFR to get the hang of it and grab some gear for their alts but I also have a few friends that are in hard core guilds that full cleared quite easily.  It makes me wonder, is 4.3s raid content a little too easy?  Will people get bored and fade away until the next major content patch?   I really hope that isn’t the case.  But if it is they can find me once a month chillin’ on Darkmoon Island fishing up my Sea Pony.


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