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Casual Saturdays: Addons

Your three kids are asleep, you’re off from work and your significant other is off doing whatever, so now you have more time to devote to learning WoW! Hopefully you read last week’s Casual Saturdays and read up and are now more familiar with the mechanics and the basics of what you need to know for the heroics you’re now in. Lets break things down a little further. This week’s Casual Saturday will revolve around the world of Addons.

What most new Warcraft players don’t know is that there is an entire world of customization at their grimy little palms to make the game and running heroics a helluva lot easier to play and manage. Now most of you have at least noticed the shiny crap that litters your screen when you have a proc or ability that is ready to be used, right? Well that spawned from Blizzard implementing their version of an old raider’s favorite tool, Power Auras. Blizzard’s version is pretty basic but the original you can customize to show you a number of procs and when abilities are ready with a number of on screen graphics and sound. There are many others that are both raid and class specific but today we’ll just focus on a few. Remember, we’re keeping this basic!

Your Addon folder is a subfolder if your Interface folder located in your WoW folder. Basically, WHEVERYOUSTOREDWOW->World of Warcraft->Interface->Addons. The three raid and dungeon specific addons that I think are a must are Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) or any other raid/dungeon add on you can find, Recount and Omen Threat Meter.

Deadly Boss Mods is a basic raid and dungeon encounter addons that show information about whats going on around you and counts down on what to expect to happen next. Most argue that its a crutch, and while I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment for a player that is just learning the encounters and becoming familiar with them its a helpful addon to basically yell at you when you’re standing in something, when to run away from the group, etc. Its pretty simple and straightforward but can also be customized to your needs if necessary. Lets face it, most wipes in a raid or dungeon environment are caused by people standing in bad stuff, a missed interrupt, an unnoticed buff or debuff and targeting the incorrect mob. It also notifies people if you’re busy killing interwebs dragons and can’t be bothered with their whispers. This pretty much does all the dirty work for you.

Recount is basically a simple straightforward addon that charts damage done, damage per second, etc. Its great for tracking your numbers.. if you’re into that.

Omen Threat Meter is just what the name states. Its a simple addon shows you who has threat on a mob while its being attacked by you and your group. Like the description on Curse states, it shows you who is in danger of pulling threat off of the tank in your group so that you can see who needs to perform the appropriate task of dropping threat and when.

There are a bunch of addons based on what exactly you’re doing but these three basic addons to get you continued on your journey in World of Warcraft. Download, enjoy and most of all don’t stand in it unless it gives a buff!


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Casual Saturdays: The Basics

Lately it seems as though there has been a huge debate over the casual player/raider vs the hardcore raider. Both sides of the penny have had valid points and arguements in regard to the casual player and some have been rather harsh but well thought out and pertinent. While I don’t necessarily agree with the sentiment that if you’re not min/maxing every toon that you’ve got you’z a bad, I do agree that you should at least know the basics of your class and encounters, especially if you’re healing or tanking.

We’ll stick to primarily the realm of Cataclysm dungeons and heroics and possibly raids (eep!) because even the “casual” player at enters them thanks to the Look for Dungeon feature whether its to complete a few quests or farming badge and heroic gear. And consider yourselves lucky, because in my day we had to sit in trade or beg guildies to put groups together to do them.

Each dungeon has an objective, to down a few bosses in hopes of getting some new ilvl raisin’ shinies. You’re on a team of 5 and all of you, whether you like it or not, have an integral role in its completion. You may need to sheep, sap, interrupt, or do some form of crowd control to make your way through trash mobs to get to aforementioned bosses. And you definitely do NOT want to be standing in stuff. When you finally get to your destination, the same rules apply to the boss you’re fighting. If you don’t know what to do, ask! But you can also find plenty of explainations online on Youtube, Tankspot or the Dungeon Journal (shift+J).

And for my Mage sistas n bros out there. Please, decurse and counterspell if possible!

So you’ve completed the dungeon and now have a bunch of new gear, Justice and Valor points. What next? Gems, enchants and possibly reforging. Confused on what and where to start? Your best bet is to find someone on your server that plays the same class as you do and ask for advice. If that is not an option, Elitist Jerks can help you with at the very least your choice of gems and enchants. EJ can be very intimidating for a “casual” but if you stick to the first post of your respective class and spec, you can get down to some of the nitty gritty without all of the math and theorycrafting. As far as reforging goes, Ask Mr. Robot lets you plug your toon into it system and will do some of the work. On the same token, I find that its often too… robotic and err on the side of using common sense.

Hit these.

Now, your toon is optimized but you’re still struggling and not pushing out bad ass numbers? If you’re a tank or healer, definitely hit some blogs, forums or a guildie. Sometimes, practice makes perfect as well. If you’re dps, I suggest hitting up some training dummies. They’re in those cities for more than just aesthetics and practice definitely makes perfect. But don’t just stand and shoot! Do some dps on the move! If you’re still struggling, again find a mentor. A lot of the social aspect in Warcraft has been lost with the LFG option and everyone is mostly tabbed-out doing random crap in their home city. If they’re afk, put them on your (gasp!) friends list and wait for them to return to their keyboard. Seems stalkerish, but I can more than assure you that most of us are more than willing to help or lend a kind ear.

This post was sponsored by my shadow priest, who one time in a dungeon did 300 dps back in BC because I was a “casual” and didn’t know what the hell I was doing.

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