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20 Days of WoW Blogging – Your Last Day Playing

quit: past participle, past tense of quit
Verb: Leave (a place), usually permanently.

People get disenchanted with games all the time and decide to move on to greener pastures. Is it final? Not usually. We’ve all seen it. Something new comes around in WoW and the server ques are full and every major city is overflowing with people who have returned to check out the hype or complain in slash-2 that the game still sucks.

That ain’t me.

I know once my final day is up in WoW and I finally call it quits that I’m done. Hell, even when I transferred servers all of the toons minus the ones I was planning on transferring got stripped naked, items sold for gold and deleted. I then cleaned out everything from my bank alt’s guild bank that I wouldn’t be needing and either threw it on the auction house for a quick sale or gave it away. All the gold accumulated from that was given out to friends across the server. I knew I wasn’t going back there and I was finished.

The same principle would apply if I was quitting the game entirely. I see so many people throw up the “I quit” flag and call their bluff by asking for their gold. The answer is almost always, “Well, I may need it.” And my response is always that they’re just taking a break because quitting is a little more permanent and you ain’t gonna need all that gold if you ain’t loggin’ in! Plus, I suppose I know if I did decide to venture back into the game that I could make gold and gear relatively easily. It’s the re-rolling and levelling new toons that would be a pain in my ass.

And that was day 20 and the final day of the challenge!

I… quit?

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