Confessions of a Closet Nerd

slowly making my way out…

Victory at last!

After years of farming this solo, with a druid, crossing my fingers and toes, etc I finally got the Ravenlord mount! I usually save my mount runs for later in the week when I’m bored as hell but my guildies were being tarts so I decided to run off to do a quick jaunt down to be disappointed. Guess the backwards psychology helped!

First I saw this...

I assumed my eyes were deceiving me so I learned the purple, shiny goodness and saw this so I knew wasn’t dreaming!

That’s when I was all, “HEHEHE, OMG I GOT IT” and since my guildies were being jerks I was all, “OMG, IMMA LEARN THIS AND NOT EVEN RESPOND!”

So I took screenshots and tweeted about it instead.


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