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20 Days of Wow Blogging: Your Desk

This out of all of the questions in the prompts is the hardest for me because the office area that I inhabit isn’t mine. Its not very “Fay/Alyssa” and the desk sucks. Its too low and hits my poor widdle knees and has one of those stupid pull outs for the keyboard. The walls are stark white in here and I hate everything about this room. So needless to say there will be no picture evidence in this post.

When I get my office space back to myself again it’ll have a plain and modern desk which will HOPEFULLY be height adjustable so I’m not scraping the top of my legs when I sit at it. NO ROLLY KEYBOARD PULL OUT! I’m going to definitely keep the walls white but one of them is going to have a nice piece of graffiti art and the rest of the walls will have Ikea shelving so that I can finally take all of my Kidrobot collection out of boxes. A small little futon in the back for seating and guests and a small television. I can picture all of it in my head and once I get the Community Management ball rolling and can afford rent in California again, it’ll happen.

Positive thoughts.

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