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20 Days of WoW Blogging: My Best WoW Memory

Day 4’s question is rather difficult for me because I can think of a few awesome days in Warcraft.  Bosses downed, friends made, achievements earned and happiness all around. I could go on forever about those experiences but my answer to the question involves none of that, but was definitely a learning moment.

Reminiscin', mon.

A few months before Wrath dropped I was finally gifted my own account and decided that I wanted to max level a Shadow Priest first.  I’d made a few friends in the guild I was in at the time and we were all more than excited about being around for a new expansion to drop.  Honestly though, I had little to no idea what that really meant or what to expect other than 10 more levels, a hero class  and a shiny new place to do it all in.  I also had no idea about endgame content and had only really ran a few fairly low instances here and there.  The server community was also very different then, as we didn’t have LFG or RealID to form groups to do them in. If you wanted to do anything outside questing you went into /2 to find a group of folks or relied on guildies.  

Fast forward a few months and I’d finally done it!  DING!  Level 80!  Now what?  Roll a new toon?  Make a lot of gold?  I had no idea where to go from there at all until a girly warlock joined our guild and mentioned the raiding thing again and her boyfriend was in Immortalis, one of the servers top raiding guilds. She liked our social guild but her ultimate goal was to raid in the more casual offshoot guild of Immortalis once she got enough gear to do so.  She suggested I’d do the same since they needed more ranged, so I figured why not?  What could it hurt?  It would satisfy my competitive side and I’d get to know more people in our server.  But to do that, I needed gear!

So she and a DK in our guild set out to find a group to run some heroics with to get me some loot.  Now mind you, I had no idea about face melting other than we wear cloth.  I had no idea what the hell hit rating was, or the purpose of enchanting and gemming items.  Even rotation wise all I knew and had gathered on my own was that DoTs went up first and then you channeled your spells.  That was it!  Addons?  Keybinds?  Huhwut?  So she runs to /2 and finds tank and healer and we make our way to Nexus, of which I’d never stepped foot in.  Actually, I hadn’t run ANY dungeons in Northrend.  NADA.

You're next.

This part I can literally replay in my head.  The tank is a Troll named Trolltank (snerk) and we’re making our way to Commander Stoutbeard.  Tank does his little tankysprint thing in Thunderclaps and I’m pewpewlazerin my little heart out.  We down the boss with no issues and then in party I see, “300 dps? I can shit 300 dps!” and I’m removed from group.  I’m stunned.  I have no idea where to go because I wasn’t aware that you get transported out of the dungeon so I turn to do the walk of shame out.  My friends send me whispers and apologies and all I could think was that I never wanted to feel that way again.  Not that I felt bad, but the feeling of being unprepared hurt just as much.

My guildies finally get out and begin helping me find resources for Spriest-y stuff, got friends from Immortalis to help me gear up and started doing the old cloth CDs in Northrend to build my raiding set.  It was more than I’d ever imagined went into raiding but a few weeks later, I applied to Aeternum, got accepted and was doing the Safety Dance in Naxx.   Embarassing moment, indeed.  But with the recent “amgcasual” hate flying around its a great reminder that we all started as little Warcraft Padawans.   We all had to start from some place small to get to the big and should all take time to sit back and laugh at our learning moments in-game and out.

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