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LORE: Meeting the Fay-family.

The Queen.

Class/Spec: Fire wielding, booty dancing Mage.
Professions: Tailoring and Jewelcrafting.
Hobbies: Collecting RP gear and hanging out in her Dalaran apartment in search of suckers that need ports. Fishing up Fathom Eel and Highland Guppy to sell to suckers on the AH for inflated prices. Farming Anzu. Dressing in RP gear and waiting in redonkulous DPS ques. Deciding whether its advantageous and/or fashionable to show her helm or let her trollish hair lookin’ oh so silky smooth. Figuring out which pet to match with her raiding or RP gear. Being a tasteful sass monster during raids.
Quotes: “Oh, I can twerk it. Would you like to see me werk it?! I can do that damn thang in a handstand.” “It’s not strudel.. its cake. And you’re welcome.” “You guys are a bunch of donkeys!”
Random Fact: Previously was a belf named, Faelara until she spied some lame warlock named Faeleara. Shit then got real. Voted “Most Likely to Fill Void Storage First.”

The shy one.

Name: Fayyaza
Class/Spec: Face melting, shadowy apparition struttin’ Priest and occasionally throwing some healing glittery stuff at people.
Professions: Enchanting and Jewelcrafting.
Hobbies: Disenchanting the random crap that the rest of ‘dem Fay girls send to me to throw on scrolls and put into your local AH. Suckers.
Quotes: “Dey jus’ usin me for mah ‘chants, mon.” “Why does ‘da fam need two of ‘dem ‘dere JC’s, mon? Et don’t make a nickle worth a sense attall.”
Random fact:Used to be an undead priest whilst on Greymane named Joanrivaz. Later race changed to troll and name changed to Blurple before finally being renamed Fayyaza in a rage of OCD.

The Cocky One.

Name: Faytorade
Class/Spec: Base assaulting, rebuking, Hammer of Justice slamming, PvE and PvP Holy Paladin.
Professions: Blacksmithing and Alchemy.
Hobbies: Being belf-a-licious and cute, spamming /lol, /bored and /facepalm at PvP suckers while kiting them across entire battlegrounds. Sitting in redonkulously short healing ques and snatching up satchels to send to Fayona in hopes of the Anzu mount in exchange for Mageweave shirts to match her gear. Attempting to collect the rest of the Vicious set before the new PvP season starts. Deciding which hairstyle compliments her shield the best, a pony tail or the bun.
Quotes: “GG, son!” “Everyone wants a sip!” “CAP THAT SHIT!” “Anyone wanna do some 2s for points?”
Random fact: Used to be a dude.

The Half-Dead One.

Name: Fayvorable
Class/Spec: PvE DW Frost DK.
Professions: Engineering.
Hobbies: Overcoming DK stereotypes yet still spreading filthy diseases and decay. Pwning the DPS meters until pending nerfs. Staring aimlessly and speaking in party chat only in faces. For example: o.o, o.O, O.O. Interrupting because the fail rogue in the party forgot his kick button in his other pants. /sighing that the other melee in our group for getting LOLPWNED by easily avoidable damage.
Random fact:Was going to be a troll until it was realized that the cute plate Uggs look way cuter on belfs than trolls. AND WHAT?!

The Farmer.

Name: Faytima
Class/Spec: Boomer, Resto, Herber, Orer.
Professions: Mining and Herbalism.
Hobbies: Never leaving flight form unless its to dig. Tossing a hurricane on gold farmers in Twighlight Highlands, Uldum and various parts of Azeroth and snatchin’ they herbs and ores up. Y’all are so dumb, fo’ Real.
Quotes: “CAW, CAW..CAW!”
Random fact: Accidently sold Relic of Eonar because I mistook it for a Mote of Life.

The Lost One.

Name: Faylina
Class/Spec: Affliction Warlock.
Professions: Herbs and Transmutation Alchemy.
Hobbies: Being neglected. Fat Truegold Procs.
Quotes: “Anyone need an Xmute?” “My Xmute is up!” “OHSHI, THAT WAS A FAAAAAAAT PROC!”
Random fact: My bars aren’t even set up to dps.

And there you have it! The 85s in the Fay-family. There are also lower level Fays that will be levelled soon, I’m sure. Fayzilla, currently a level 60 rogue that mainly PvPs. And when I say PvPs, I mean she just runs around sapping people and getting that last shot in. We’ve also got Faybulous, currently a level 50 something hunter chillin’ with her pet “YouSoFancy” in Un’goro Crater. And lastly Faymous, an Enhance/Resto shaman.

And yes, any toon I make is Fay-insertsomethingwittyorsuitablehere . Why? Because in the Warcraft world I find it easier to identify with it come an alt run or a pug. I mean hell, its easy and kind of fun to see what sort of silliness you can come up with.  And yes, I LOVE me some trolls.


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