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RAGE: 99 Problems and my Authenticator Ain’t One…

For a number of reasons, mostly because my brother whom I’m currently living with is a rotten sack of farts, I’ve been using my Android to tether and use the internets. Yes, even to play WoW. Its laggy and unstable, but I’m currently retired from raiding and levelling toons, learning to PvP and farming random mats to continue my legacy as a WoWtrepreneur. With that, the IP changes a lot. Like, a few times a day. And this looks rather suspect to the log in system even though I’ve got an authenticator.


And this is what I’m greeted with. Well, along with having to prove its me by answering my SUPER SEKRIT QUESTION and giving a drop of blood, an eyescan and a lock of hair. And then finally opportunity to change my password. But hey, at least I know I didn’t get hacked or some other silliness. Oh, and I have a Corehound pet. So I guess in retrospect it could be worse. It could be one of those lame ass captcha deals where you’ve got to prove that you’re HUMAN to access your account.



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